Learning English with eie Languages Centre

means far more than just taking a language course.

Whether you want to study English for academic or professional reasons or indeed purely for pleasure, our wide range of courses will help you find the programme that meets your expectations. We will be pleased to have you on our General English courses no matter what your level is. You could also join one of our very successful exam classes (Cambridge PET/FCE/CAE and IELTS) which run throughout the year, or perhaps you need English courses for specific purposes i.e. Business English, English for Tourism etc. If so, we offer this too!


These courses are for students who wish to improve their general understanding of English in group classes (maximum 12 students) or improve in a more specific…

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The eie Languages Centre Internship Programme allows students to develop proficiency in the English language over an extended period of time…

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This is an ideal course for students who want to spend a longer period of time perfecting their English skills and want to have an economical price…

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These courses are ideal for students who would like to improve their English skills for use in a wide range of general business, marketing and…

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IELTS measures your ability to communicate in English across the four language skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing – and is for people who intend…

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Our Aviation English courses are designed to meet the ICAO requirements and are available all year-round. The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO)…

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All the following English courses can be taken as a programme of 30 lessons a week made up of General English (20 lessons) followed by 10 lessons of focus…

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Coming soon…

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Why choose us

  • eie Languages Centre offers a wide variety of quality English Language courses;
  • The teachers are all EFL qualified and properly prepared to help students from all countries and cultures;
  • A choice of high standard accommodation for every budget;
  • An excellent personalised service and focus on student care;
  • The management team has many years experience in providing English language courses in Malta.


  • Home Stay & Apartment Stay Booking Service;
  • Immigration & Visa Support;
  • Localisation Services (Support Letters for Bank Accounts, social Security and Student cards);
  • 24 Hour emergency helpline;
  • Dedicated Student Welfare staff.

Our Facilities

check it out our school facilities

  • Bright & spacious classrooms;
  • Self-access library (Books + DVDs);
  • Computer suite with Free Internet Access;
  • Free WiFi throughout the building;
  • Student corner with hot drinks and snacks.
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Our facilities


What students are saying

  • I would like to thank eie Internship for assisting me during my stay in Malta. I got the chance to visit an incomparable island with its heritage sites and its cultural events and hospitable people all over. I integrated my skills at swan Laundry & Dry Cleaning Co Ltd, and worked within the accounting office, in the reception and also as a personal secretary. This allowed me to expand my work experience. Marisabel, a representative of the eie was instrumental to find this placement for me. Without any hesitation I can truly recommend eie and a visit to sunny Malta.
    From: Germany Internship: Swan Laundry & Dry Cleaning Ltd.
  • Thanks to eie Internship I got the opportunity to work as a trainee for three months with a leading wedding planner in Malta. Eie supported me and my friends from Germany with the internship, the accommodation and to enjoy the life and cultures of Malta. Eie staff were very nice and they helped me and my group whenever we had problems or questions. I am really happy that I got to know the island, my workplace and I got to know lots of nice places in Malta. I could also improve my English language skills living in Malta and talking to the people. I really enjoyed my time in Malta and I thank eie for this.
    Shendra S.
    From: Germany Internship: Sarah Young, Wedding Planner
  • I have good experiences with eie. It is a professional company that takes care of their students and I think they have a policy to do too much rather than too little for their students. Now I am in the emergency unit at a hospital, and to gain experience and take your knowledge to a higher level in this game you have to get emergency jobs all the time and be evaluated. In a summary about Malta I have to say that I think Malta is a good Country to be a student in.
    Rolf Grindstuen
    From: Sel, Norway Internship: St. James Hospital
  • My experience in Malta has been among the most enriching experiences in my life, both in professional and personal terms. Eie tried to solve my preferences and they really offered me a good service and assistance. I did my training period in the company they offered me because I realized that it was a good one, people were really kind and it offered me the opportunity to develop my skills in a foreign company, where my suggestions were appreciated and the environment at work was really good. The service received from eie was always excellent and although I doubted about going to Malta for my internship I really recommend it to all the people, especially if people from eie manage it!
    Rebeca Ros Sosa
    From: Sevilla, Spain Internship: Exalta Group of Companies
  • After successfully completing a two-year diploma course, eie provided me with the ideal platform to balance a full-time job with a top law firm in Malta and a ‘top-up’ one-year part-time study course which led to a BA (Hons) degree in Business Administration. This in turn has led to a successful application to study a Master degree abroad which a few years ago seemed an unattainable goal. Eie were always very professional and diligent and I cannot thank everyone at the institution enough for the opportunities they have made possible.
    Patrick Briscoe White
    BA (Hons) graduate
  •   I would like to thank eie Institute of Education for all the help they gave me throughout the duration of my Bachelor programme. Special thanks to Mr. Antonello Cappitta and his staff as their help was invaluable. Thanks to the fantastic results together with the skills I obtained from eie. I have managed to progress in my career and I am now in a managerial position at a different company. Thanks again, and I shall be seeing you in the very near future as I want to progress with a Masters programme.
    Mr. Alan Abela-Wadge
    Project Leader at BPO BA (Hons) in Business Administration
  • I would like to thank eie Institute of Education for giving me the opportunity and support in completing my Diploma in Business Management. Today, thanks to eie I am the owner of my own print shop (Peps Graphics) which was all possible thanks to the business knowledge gained throughout the course.
    Andrea Peresso
    Diploma in Business Management
  • I would like to thank all of the secretaries and other eie Academic staff members. I am really grateful for your encouragement and support given to me whilst working through my degree. You were always there when I needed help. I can honestly say that I will never forget my time there. I’ve met a lot of interesting people and have had some great experiences too. I am happy to have chosen Malta as a place to study and mostly eie. Eie made all the difference to my future.
    Elnara Abassova
    From: Stravopol, Russia
  • The BBA course format suited my needs perfectly and I was able to balance my studies with my work commitments quite easily.
    Goran Tonkic
    Guntenberg Press BA (Hons) in Business Administration
  • eie has helped me develop the confidence to say “Yes, I can do it” and the confidence to follow through and succeed.
    Miriam Cauchi
    BOV MBA Graduate
  • I could not have done a better choice! eie offers one of the best ways of teaching that I have ever encountered.
    Moufida Soltani
    BBA Graduate from Tunisia
  • I decided to study in Malta as it is a cosmopolitan and friendly country, truly pleasant and inspiring place to live in and study. After a deep research I chose the Business Administration programme of eie because of its friendly staff when enquiring, a personalized educational programme, flexibility and international establishment. The modules focus on our professional needs giving us good understanding of the subject. I found out that the programme taught me a lot in both academic and general fields. Whenever I had problems in either studying or life, I could always ask for help from lecturers, student community and of course eie’s International office staff. I am really pleased with all the learning I obtained during my three years at eie. The qualification gave me the confidence to apply for jobs in other countries and now it allows me to travel the world and work anywhere. I am now managing a Diving School in Goa, India. I also look forward to return to Malta and start an MBA. Obviously at eie.
    Nidia Carolina Merino Wells
    BBA (Hons) Graduate from Chile
  • I would like to thank eie for giving me the chance and the opportunity to continue studying whilst working full time. They have helped me to reach my goal and also gave me full support to understand and finish the course successfully. By successfully completing the course I now understand how companies operate, what measures they use to reach their goals and how do they manage their employees efficiently. This course is very interesting and can help anyone who wants to be in business.
    Nigel Caruana
    HND Diploma in Business Management
  • I can say that I have experienced eie twice. I was here as a student and after this I also worked at eie through a Leonardo Exchange Programme. Both experiences have been great for me in everything I required during my first days in Malta. I felt at home and just as I had been working there for years. I believe that the time I spent there will help me a lot in my future. The language classes were superb and the teachers helped us to improve our knowledge of the language and to improve it during the months spent in Malta. I thank everybody at eie for how the have treated me and my Spanish friends. If you want to make the most of Malta let me advise you to join eie, you will not regret it at all.
    Pablo Dorado Iglesias
    From: Sevilla, Spain Internship: eie Institute of Education

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